Laboratorio de Energía Solar

Solar Energy Laboratory

Estaciones a prueba

Autonomous solar radiation measurement stations, tested at LES


Remote station: ARTIGAS Airport (INUMET)

Equipo K&Z Solys2

Direct solar irradiance measurement with solar tracker (SOLYS2) and pyrheliometers

Rotating Shadow Radiometer (RSR)

Rotating shadowband radiometer – measures global and diffuse radiation, as well as meteorological variables.

Medida de radiación difusa con banda de sombra

Measurement of diffuse solar radiation with shadow band

Colector solar plano

Flat-plate solar collector with independent stratified storage tank (national industry)

Concentrador solar parabólico

Prototype of a parabolic-linear solar concentrator (designed and built at the Faculty of Engineering)

Entrada al LES

LES entrance

Trombe wall and calorimeter for climate conditioning studies


Continuous measurement of global and diffuse solar radiation in Treinta y Tres (INIA, Paso de la Laguna)

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