Satellite DataPyranometer calibration

Many of the LES activities are aimed to provide (researchers, end users, manufacturers, companies) reliable information on the solar resource in Uruguay and the region. Many of the products developed for this purpose are freely available on this site. Others have an associated cost and/or can be generated upon request.

The costs detailed here apply to for-profit activities and/or private ventures. The indicated costs shown here are excluding VAT. For research purposes (research groups, master’s thesis or doctoral thesis) it is offered free of charge via formal application. Furthermore, LES maintains an active collaboration policy with other workgroups and public institutions.

Satellite Data (info):

  • Monthly data and historical monthly averages: 3 UR per requested geographic location (approx. 90 USD).
  • Daily data: 4 UR per year of data of the requested geographic location (approx. 120 USD).
  • Hourly data: 5 UR per year of data of the requested geographic location (approx. 150 USD).

Pyranometer calibration

Daily irradiation on tilted plane: 5 UR per location at requested inclination (approx. 150 USD).

Thermal efficiency tests of solar collectors

Other consultancies: to be quoted according to the requested study.

Requests can be submitted through our contact form.

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