The LES has a policy of active collaboration with other R&D groups and institutions linked to different aspects of solar energy. These collaborations are executed under Agreements and Consultancies.


  • UTE, Generation Management: Cooperation for the registration of solar energy data from the renewable energy resources measurement network.
  • UTEC – Universidad Tecnológica del Uruguay: Agreement to teach two subjects within the framework of the Renewable Energy Engineering degree at the UTEC. There is a course on the fundamentals of solar radiation and the applications for its use, and a laboratory course on solar energy. 2017-2019.
  • LATU – National Metrological Institution, Physics Metrology: Agreement for the development of joint activities in visible and ultraviolet solar radiation metrology, thermal efficiency tests and knowledge and specialization exchange between institutions. From 2016 onwards.
  • MIEM/DNE/FJR – Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay and Fundación Ricaldoni: Strengthen solar radiation measurement capabilities and thermal efficiency of the Solar Energy Laboratory.  2016-2018. Via Fundación Julio Ricaldoni.
  • MIEM/DNE/FJR – Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay: Development of infrastructure to carry out thermal efficiency tests of solar collectors in the Solar Energy Laboratory (LES). With the participation of the FUDAEE (Uruguayan Trust Fund for Energy Savings and Efficiency) and the Faculty of Engineering at UDELAR. Active since 2015.
  • ANTEL – National Telecommunications Company: Processing of information from Earth observations for the creation of products on Uruguayan territory. 2014-2015.
  • MIEM/DNE/FJR – Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay: Maintenance of the solar radiation continuous measurement network stations and generation of detailed information on the solar resources of Uruguay. 2013-2014.
  • UTE – Generation Management: Exchange of solar radiation data and support for their quality control. From 2013 onwards.

Collaboration Agreements not yet formalized or in process

  • INUMET, National Weather Service.

International collaborations


Our work has been supported by several institutions, among them we wish to highlight:

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