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Welcome to the Solar Energy Laboratory website (LES, Universidad de la República)

We are focused in achieving a detailed knowledge of the solar resource and the solar energy applications in the territory of Uruguay and extended region. This knowledge is a fundamental input for dimensioning, design and evaluation of solar energy projects.

LES lab is an university laboratory with the following Research Areas:

  • Solar radiation modeling by using ground measurements and satellite images.
  • Solar radiation and PV generation forecasting.
  • Low temperatura solar thermal energy and concentrating solar power.
  • Thermal confort, building efficiency and energy efficiency.

We have the following regular technological services:

  • Radiometer’s calibration under ISO standards and equipments calibrated against the World Standard Group.
  • Solar water heaters efficiency and perfomance tests.
  • Satellite-based solar resource assessment and forecasting.

Lab Policy and Organization [click here, spanish]

The Solar Energy Laboratory of the University of the Republic is a non-profit organization dedicated to research, development, teaching and extension activities in the field of solar energy and the environmentally sustainable use of energy. It is part of its mission to contribute to the development of these fields through the said activities or any other in cooperation with the society and its sectors, both public and private, with a special focus on the national issues and the construction of local capacities.

Lab Organization Chart
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