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The Laboratory has research lines in the measurement and modeling of the solar resource and in the applications for their use.

The research lines of the Laboratory are:

  • Measurement and modeling of solar irradiance on the surface: measurement of solar irradiance, instrumentation, comparison of measurements obtained with different technology equipments, clear sky models, diffuse fraction models, and studies based on measurements on Earth.
  • Estimation of solar irradiation from satellite: implementation and development of models based on the GOES-East satellite.
  • Forecast of solar irradiation and short-term PV generation: development and analysis of strategies based on satellite images, numerical models of the atmosphere, measurements recorded on the ground and sky cameras.
  • Low temperature solar thermal energy applications: study of the performance of domestic water heating equipment under the Uruguayan climate and of solar concentration applications for industrial water preheating.
  • Thermal conditioning of buildings: experimental study of different solar energy storage walls (trombe wall).

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