Solar Map of UruguayTypical Meteorological Year v2Typical Meteorological Year v1

Solar Map of Uruguay (MSU):

  • MSU v1.0: maps freely available on this website (here).

Typical Meteorological Year of Uruguay for Solar Energy Applications (AMTUes):

  • AMTUes version 2.4: Typical meteorological year generated on an hourly scale for 5 locations in Uruguay. For its elaboration, all the data was gathered from INUMETINIA and UTE, in addition to the data from the Solar Irradiance Continuous Measurement Network and 15 years of solar irradiance satellite data. The information is freely available on this website (here).
  • AMTUes version 1.0: typical meteorological year generated with data from the Estanzuela experimental station, Colonia (INIA). It has daily updated resolution and is freely available on this website (here).

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