Typical meteorological year for Solar Energy Applications Current version: 2.4.

Mapa del localidades del AMTUes versión 2.3

Map of AMTUes locations, version 2.3

The second version of the Typical Meteorological Year of Uruguay for Solar Energy Applications (AMTUes) is based on 15 years of solar satellite data (using GOES-East satellite) and other meteorological data measured on the ground by the national measurement networks of the National Weather Service (INUMET), the National Institute for Agronomical Research (INIA) and the National Electric Utility Company (UTE). It was created for 5 locations in the country with hourly resolution (24 x 365 values for each location). It includes several components and variables derived from solar irradiance, in particular, global horizontal irradiance (GHI) and direct normal irradiance (DNI).

AMTUes locations v2.4:

  • Montevideo (temperate-cold zone, South)
  • Salto (warm zone, North-West)
  • Rivera (warm zone, North-East)
  • Rocha (temperate-cold zone, South-East)
  • Colonia (temperate-cold zone, South-West)
Location Code Latitude Longitude Altitude
Montevideo MVD -34.83 -56.01 33 m
Salto SAL -31.43 -57.98 50 m
Rivera RIV -30.90 -55.54 240 m
Rocha ROC -34.49 -54.31 18 m
Colonia COL -34.45 -57.77 20 m

AMTUes v2.4 meteorological variables:

Global horizontal irradiance (GHI) Direct normal irradiance (DNI)
Global tilted irradiance at 20º (GTI20) Global tilted irradiance at 35º (GTI35)
Global tilted irradiance at 45º (GTI45) Global tilted irradiance at 60º (GTI60)
Global tilted irradiance at 90º (GTI90) Ambient air temperature
Relative humidity Atmospheric pressure
Wind speed module Wind speed direction


Technnical Report: click here.
Alonso-Suárez R., Bidegain, M., Abal, G., Modernell, P. Typical Meteorological Year of Uruguay for Solar Energy Applications (AMTUes): typical hourly series for 5 locations in Uruguay. Technical Report by LES/UdelaR, version 2.4, June of 2016.

CSV, Libreoffice and Microsoft Excel files:

External evaluation of the AMTUes: click here.
Under the framework of an international consultancy contracted by MIEM/DNE on the viability of concentrated solar energy applications in Uruguay, the company Sólida Energías Renovables (http://www.solida.com.es/, Spain) used and tested version 2.0 of the AMTUes of Salto. The link above provides the evaluation of the AMTUes of this third party company.

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