The different measurements were taken using the following instruments:

Global irradiance on horizontal plane

  • Kipp & Zonen CMP6
  • LiCor Li200

Ultraviolet-A, Visible and Infrared

  • Iridium 1.11

Average monthly day

For each month, the day with daily global horizontal irradiation closest to the monthly average is selected.

Year/Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2014 AZ1404 AZ1405 AZ1406 AZ1407 AZ1408 AZ1409
2013 AZ1301 AZ1303 AZ1304 AZ1305 AZ1306 AZ1307 AZ1308
2012 AZ1202 AZ1203 AZ1204 AZ1205 AZ1206 AZ1207 AZ1208 AZ1209 AZ1210 AZ1211 AZ1212
2011 AZ1103 AZ1104 AZ1105 AZ1106 AZ1107 AZ1108 AZ1109 AZ1110 AZ1111 AZ1112

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